Maxime Buron

My PhD thesis aims to evaluate the parameters controlling the pollinator health in Walloon agricultural landscapes. To do this, I use a multiscalar approach, from the analysis of soil chemistry to the description of landscape elements by drone. The findings acquired on several study sites will then be extended to the regional scale using a remote sensing approach.
2022 – 2026 | PhD student
Combined influences of floral resources, soil environment, and land use on plant-bee interactions at the landscape scale [sup. Y. Agnan / P. Defourny]
Earth and Life Institute, UCLouvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
2022 | MSc Biodiversity, ecology, evolution – Evolutionary and functional ecology
Master thesis: Change within plant communities under the impact of global changes revealed by standardized monitoring of the flora of Burgundy
National museum of natural history, Paris, France

2020 |
BSc Organism and population biology
Université des Sciences d'Angers, Angers, France
(4) Buron M.*, Foguenne E., Blondel A., Defourny P., Jacquemart A.-L., Radoux J., Jeannerod L., Agnan Y. (2024). Environmental persistence and fate of neonicotinoids insecticides in Belgian agricultural soils. Centennial IUSS, Florence, 19–21 May 2024 [oral]

 Radoux J.*, Buron M.*, Debont T.*, Jeannerod L.*, Agnan Y., Defourny P., Jacquemart A.-L. (2022). Project ARC NUTRIBEE – Pollen nutritional quality as a critical link between landscape, biodiversity, and bee health. Conférence sur la recherche interdisciplinaire et transdisciplinaire « Transition et Développement Durable », Louvain-la-Neuve, 24–25 Nov. 2022 [oral]

 Buron M.*, Bardet O., Berrod L., Martin G., Porcher E., Vallet J., Machon N. (2022). Observer de façon standardisée et à grande échelle les changements au sein des communautés végétales. Rencontres nationales Vigie-flore, Rambouillet, 2 Oct. 2022 [oral]

(1) Buron M.*, Bardet O., Berrod L., Martin G., Porcher E., Vallet J., Machon N. (2022). Changement des communautés végétales sous l’impact des changements globaux révélés par le suivi standardisé de la flore de Bourgogne. ECOVEG, Gembloux, 24–25 May 2022 [oral]

* speaker

Émile Foguenne (2024)
Distribution of néonicotinoides in agricultural soils and influence on pollinator health 
[co-sup. Y. Agnan]
Practical excercices
Integrated project in environmental diagnosis (LBIR1270)
Soil sciences (LBIR1336)