Evaluation of the citizen science protocol Lichens GO
April 2023
The Lichens GO protocol, a citizen science approach for air quality assessment through lichens, was evaluated for simplification steps, observer bias, and protocol applicability. The adaptations proposed show an improvement in the ecological interpretation (proportions of indicator species and functional diversity) compared to the previous protocol. The results are published in Ecological Indicators.
Lichens in Wallonia
January 2023
The citizen science program Lichens GO, which aims at assessing air quality by lichens, was deployed in Wallonia, Belgium. A series of formations are currently provided in the French-speaking universities in Belgium. More information about the participatory program on our website :
Rare earth elements in the soil–plante system
February 2022
Transfer of trace elements from soil to plant is a corner stone for risk assessment. Rare earth elements are frequently used as geochemical tracers for element transfer to plant. In this study, we evaluated biogeochemical behaviors of trace elements and rare earth elements in the soil–plant continuum to assess to what extend the rare earth element monitoring allows identifying preferential pathway from soil to plant. The results are published in Biogeochemsitry.
Yannick Agnan
assistant professor
Bryan Arbalestrie
PhD student
Nathan Bemelmans
PhD student
Maxime Buron
PhD student
Hugo Counoy
PhD student
Romain Duquenne
PhD student
Noé Vandevoorde
PhD student