Romain Duquenne
environmental biogeochemist

As teaching assistant at the Bioengineering faculty, UCLouvain, I started a PhD project on the biogeochemical cycle of manganese in forested ecosystems and its influence on the soil organic matter dynamics. I currently work on the data from the European monitoring network ICP Forests. In parallel, I am involved in teaching mathematics, physics, probability, and computer science for undergraduated bioengineering students.
2021 – 2027 | Teaching assistant
Bioengineering faculty, UCLouvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

2020 – 2027
 | PhD student
Influence of manganese recycling on soil organic matter fate in forested ecosystems [sup. Y. Agnan / P. Delmelle]
Earth and Life Institute, UCLouvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

2020 | MSc Bioengineering in environmental sciences
Master thesis: Characterization of páramo soils under different vegetation cover: case study in the CanCan region, Equador, southern Andes
UCLouvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

2018 |
BSc Bioengineering
UCLouvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

(4) Duquenne R.*, Herpoel M., Bogaert P., Delmelle P., Agnan Y. (2024). Manganese cycling in European forests to control soil organic matter. Centennial IUSS, Florence, 19–21 May 2024 [poster]

 Duquenne R.*, André L., Delmelle P., Agnan Y. (2023). Manganese chemistry and recycling in throughfall of European forest ecosystems. ICOBTE/ICHMET, Wuppertal, 6–10 Sep. 2023 [oral]

(2) Duquenne R.*, Herpoel M., Bogaert P., Delmelle P., Agnan Y. (2023). Manganese cycling in European forest ecosystems: influence of tree species. Goldschmidt, Lyon, 9–14 Jul. 2023 [oral]

 Duquenne R.*, Herpoel M., Agnan Y. (2022). Manganese fluxes in European forest ecosystems: a lesson from the ICP Forests network. ELIday, Louvain-la-Neuve, 19 May 2022 [poster]

* speaker

Louis André (2024)
Chemistry of atmospheric deposition in European forest ecosystems: variables influencing manganese fluxes [co-sup. Y. Agnan]

Guillaume de Pierpont (2024)
Influence of manganese fluxes on the soil organic matter dynamics in forest ecosystems [co-sup. R. Duquenne]

Alexis Maes (2024)

Assessing the quality of wet deposition data collected by an automatic sampler [co-sup. Y. Agnan]

Matthieu Herpoel (2022)
Manganese recycling in European forest ecosystems: influence of tree species on throughfall and litterfall manganese fluxes [co-sup. Y. Agnan]
Practical excercices
Introduction to analysis (LBIR1110)
Probability and statistics I (LBIR1212)
Waves, optics, and modern physics (LBIR1221)
Integrated project in computer science and applied mathematics (LBIR1271)
Soil erosion and conservation (LBRES2105)
2022 – ... | Printemps des sciences